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didactic synonyms, didactic pronunciation, didactic translation, English dictionary definition of didactic. also di·dac·ti·cal adj. 1. Intended to instruct. 2.

Didactic approaches utilize a variety of concepts from behavioral theory, including massed trials, operant conditioning, shaping, prompting, chaining, and reinforcement. Difficulty with the generalization and maintenance of behaviors learned through this method along with the passive communication acquired by many children The tone is often didactic.

utrustning och läromedel till företag, utbildningscentra och skolor. Se hela listan på en.wiktionary.org When people are didactic, they're teaching or instructing. This word is often used negatively for when someone is acting too much like a teacher. When you're didactic, you're trying to teach something. Just about everything teachers do is didactic: the same is true of coaches and mentors. Didactic is often used in a negative way.

The Didactic Wall, engraved drawings on marble, handbooks, ready made, adhesive letters on wall, installation and opening view at City Gallery Bihać, photo  8 Jan 2019 The didactic triangle and the didactical questions. More videos on the From Didactic Pedagogy to New Learning.
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sales @ ld-didactic.de. Europe. For European distributors, please visit: EUROPEAN DISTRIBUTORS Technical Service-Hotline.

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inclined to teach or lecture others too much: a boring, didactic speaker. teaching or intending to teach a moral lesson. didactics, (used with a singular verb) the art or science of teaching. Didactic teaching asserts the role of the teacher as that of the expert, with the students being receptors of the teacher's knowledge and experience.

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Didactic plays, for instance, were intended to convey a moral theme or other rich truth to the audience. An example of didactic writing is Alexander Pope's An Essay on Criticism (1711), which offers a range of advice about 2019-07-03 Find 22 ways to say DIDACTIC, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 2021-04-07 didactic (adj.) "fitted or intended for instruction; pertaining to instruction," 1650s, from French didactique, from Latinized form of Greek didaktikos "apt at teaching," from didaktos "taught," past participle of didaskein "teach," from PIE *dens-"to learn" (source also of Sanskrit dasra- "effecting miracles"). Related: Didactical; didactically. The definition of didactic is used for teaching. An example of didactic is a lesson plan consisting of a lecture, large group discussions and a project. adjective intended to teach, especially in a way that is too determined or eager, and often fixed and unwilling to change.